Capital Gains Tax

A Formal Property Valuation Report becomes the basis of calculating your Capital Gains Tax liability for the Australian Tax Office. It is why we endeavour to reduce your liability by providing a fair market value that benefits your position.

Our property valuation reports can be conducted on a retrospective basis or on the current fair market value basis.

Our most common capital gain tax valuations, include persons who are:

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Recent Capital Gains Tax Law changes affecting Non-Residents and off-shore owners. Non-Residents and offshore owners of Australian property have been impacted by changes in the 2012 Federal Budget handed down by the Australian Government. These changes which took effect on the 8 May 2012, and has seen the 50 per cent capital gains tax (CGT) discount removed for non-resident individuals who hold interests in Australian property. Individuals impacted by the changes can still claim the CGT discount for capital gains accrued prior to 8 May 2012.

We recommend those affected by this change arrange a formal property valuation as at the 8th May 2012 (Retrospectively).